Basic supplies include:

Adhesive (Tape runner and 3 in 1 glue or a glue that does not warp paper)
Bone folder
Pop dots (optional)
Glue dots (optional)
1/4” Hole punch
Small flat basket or tray to hold small pieces.

Suggested Powder Puff Chalking Inks: POW116 Moana, POW123 Ice, POW122 Tiki, POW118 Mermaid, POW3 Mocha Mama, POW87 Slate, POW6 Bloody Mary, POW113 Peach Bellini, POW119 Aloha, POW115 Palm Tree, POW79 Seabrook, POW51 Feather Gray, POW84 Bora Bora, POW120 Mint Julep.

(These are just suggestions. Bring what you have and if you need another, we should have some at the event available for purchase.)