Ahoy Everyone!

In just a few months we will be boarding Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas and begin our adventure in New Zealand! I am so excited! It can’t come soon enough.

We will be sending a sneak peak in September of the class layouts, papers, and add on kits and things you can pre-order if you choose soon so you can see what we have in store for your 10 days at sea. Patty Eitemiller has set up a Facebook group for us so I hope you join the group and share your ideas and questions. She has been to Australia and New Zealand on several occasions so we can find out more about the ins and outs of travel there. She says they are both amazing places to visit!

Facebook group:

If you have trouble getting into the group, email Patty at

On the facebook group you can let others know what you are interested in or have signed up to do as far as excursions in Australia and NZ. This may help you decide what excursions you want to choose so you know you are not going alone.

You can crop 24/7 if you choose. The room is allowed to stay open as long as anyone wants to scrap. Remember you can scrap at home or on the ship, but you can’t make more memories of your New Zealand vacation after you get home. So make plenty of memories to scrap! Take lots of photos, see what adventures are around each bend and learn the latest dances!

Classes will ONLY be on days we are at sea.

Most asked question: “How do we get all our scrapbook stuff there?”

If you look at the supply list below you can see that what we recommend will practically fit in a small purse. All of our kits and projects have all the pieces in the package. See how easy that was? Pack light.

Supply list: Bring these basics.

  1. Tape runners and plenty of refills. (We will have a few tape runners for purchase.)
  2. 3 in 1 glue, optional ( We will have a few for purchase).
  3. Assorted colors of Powder Puff Chalk Inks. Suggestions TBA at a later date.
  4. 12” Trimmer and extra blades.
  5. Scissors (4” or less for carryon).
  6. Pop dots and glue dots.
  7. Corner rounder.
  8. Bone folder.
  9. Bring all the class kits that come in the mail.
If you get on the ship with just these items, you have enough to do our projects and more.

Shipping is FREE on all the class kits and any extra products and pre-orders you may want to order for this shipment only and will be shipped to you approximately 3 weeks before your cruise.

You should be able to bring your scrapbook supplies directly to the conference room after you board the ship on Thursday. Ask for directions to the conference room. If I am not there yet, put your things inside the door of the conference room along the wall and when I get the seating organized after I get there you are free to find your seat and begin scrapping!

We will not have an organized get together on embarkation day which is Thursday December 7. We will meet everyone at 9am and begin the first class right after the group photo on our first “at sea” day.

Classes will be on “at sea” days ONLY and will begin at 9am each morning and end around noon each of the first 3 days we are “at sea”. At 2pm on the “at sea” days we will be doing make-n-takes and extra projects if you choose to join us. No organized class on the 4th day at sea. You can use this day to finish up your projects. No classes or organized scrapbook activities on days we are in port.

You can leave all of your scrapbook supplies in the crop room for the duration of the cruise. Gail, our cruise agent, said they have done this for years and there has never been a problem. Of course it is at your own risk but it makes it really handy to be able to leave it all in one place all week.

You can crop 24/7 if you choose. The conference room can to stay open as long as anyone wants to scrap. Normally we need to have things packed up and out of the conference room by around 5pm at the end of the cruise on the eve before we disembark so they can get it ready for the next cruise. This has not been a problem in the past since we are having dinner, packing and getting ready to disembark early the next morning during that final evening.

Canon Selphy Printers

We will provide you with (10) 4x6 sheets of photo paper to print a few photos. We will be bring a couple of printers for you to use in the classroom. One lucky person will go home with a Selphy Printer as the grand prize! Check out our website for the Canon Selphy Printers if you plan to order one before you go so you can print all your photos before you leave the ship.

If you have never used a Canon Selphy Printer before, these are the best little printers to take on vacation. The normal price is $109.00 and comes with a starter ink and paper. You can order the box of ink that also includes 108 sheets of 4x6” photo papers for around 35.00. Go to our website and click on Canon Specials. We will be giving away a Canon Selphy printer for a grand Prize on the last “at sea” day on the cruise at 2pm. Must be present to win prizes.

Be sure and bring your camera card with the photos you want to print. If you want to print wirelessly from your phone you must download the Canon app to your phone before you leave.

QQ store: Register credit card

I will be bringing a limited amount of product for the store such as extra inks, a few adhesives, paper packs, layouts etc. If you want to use a credit card for the store you must register at this link (Click Here For Details >).Then you can shop and won’t need your credit card with you. You can also pay at the end with cash but your credit card needs to be on file. Register by the 22 of November. We won’t be bringing tools. If you have a special tool to bring or share be sure it has your name on it.


Boxes with your class kits and add ons will be shipped to arrive at your house a couple of weeks before you leave. Throw out the extra pair of shoes and make room for your kits! You have to bring them home with you anyway so make a little space…it’s all flat! Sneak peeks of the pre-order pages of New Zealand/Australia will be out in about a month. You can order now on the link below or wait for sneak peeks. These must be ordered by November 7, 2017 to ship for free in the class box we are sending you. Must use Promo Code "CRUISE" to get free shipping on your Cruise Pre-Order.

Add On Orders:

Place these orders below on the QQ website by November 7th and we will ship them to you FREE with your class box and save you the shipping. I will bring a few extra with me. Sneak peeks of extra cruise themed kits will be available soon. Use coupon code "CRUISE" to get Free Shipping.
Click Here to Order >

• NEW Box of 12 inks or single inks: Box of Inks $32.99 Single Inks $3.00

• Ink Carrier $20.00 (Reg. $25.00) Holds 24 QQ Powder Puff Inks

• Coordinating 12x12”paper pack: 24 sheets, coordinates with classes $18.00 (Reg. $24.00)

• 5 double page companion kits: $45.00 (Reg. $60.00)

• Cruise Theme Seashell Mini Book: $25.00

Remember shipping is FREE for the box of class kits we will ship to you before the cruise. You can take them out of the box and lay it flat in the bottom of your suitcase to bring with you. Any additional items ordered can be added to ship with your class box with no shipping fee if it is ordered before your class box ships. We will ship approximately 3 weeks before the cruise.

Australian Visa and Flight

If you have not already done so you need to get your Australian visa and flight reservations.

Below is a message from your travel agent at Crop and Cruise:

An Australian Visa is required for your cruise. This visa can be obtained electronically at: Once you are on this site, click on: Apply for an ETA (one of the boxes under the photo) It will ask you a series of questions. You will need to have your passport handy to complete this.

The cost of the Australian Visa is $20 Australian Dollars, which is about $15 USD. You can use your credit card to purchase it. Once you complete the purchase, print out a copy of the receipt and bring that with you on the cruise as proof.

Please read through the conditions of the Visa (ETA - Electronic Travel Authority)

Conditions of an ETA are:

• It is your responsibility to know what your visa allows you to do while in Australia.

• After your ETA is granted you are able to enter and leave Australia as many times as you need to during a 12 month period, from the date the ETA is granted or until the expiry date of your passport, whichever is earlier.

• You can stay in Australia for a maximum of three months on each visit.

• You must not study for more than three months.

• You must be free from tuberculosis.

• You must not have any criminal convictions for which you have been sentenced for a total combined period of 12 months or more, whether or not you served the sentence/s.

• It is illegal to work on an ETA. Whilst on an ETA you have no right to work in Australia. You can only undertake business visitor activities such as the undertaking of business inquiries and contractual negotiations or attending conferences.

• Book your before cruise or after cruise excursions with either RCCL or Dream Vacations.

We want to make sure that you are all aware of this Visa requirement and that you are ordering your Visa. Please send Gail and Cheri an email once you have your Visa ordered. The Visa is good for 12 months, so you can go ahead and do it at this time.

Thank you, Gail and Cheri email them at

Class and crop schedule:

December 7, Thursday: Sydney Australia Embarkation Bring your scrapping supplies and kits to the crop room anytime during the day or evening. If I am not there yet to get the room setup, leave your things inside the door to the conference room against the wall until we have the tables organized and names at table spaces. Later that afternoon you can locate your name and table space and know that is yours for the duration of the cruise! We will sit you with your friends. Ladies coming alone as a scrapper, we will put you at the table with the other cruisers who are scrapping single. You will have new BFF’s before you know it. Scrap all night if you choose to! There will not be any organized classes on embarkation day. I will be in the room for about 3 hours during this day.

December 8, Friday 9am to 12pm: Meet and greet at 9am. Group photo. Class immediately following group photo until noon. 2pm make n take.

December 9, Saturday: Class begins at 9am until noon. 2pm make n take.

December 10, Sunday: 8am Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound, Dusky Sound. No class today.

December 11, Monday: Dunedin, NZ No class today.

December 12, Tuesday: Wellington, NZ No class today.

December 13, Wednesday: Napier, NZ No class today.

December 14, Thursday: Picton, NZ No class today.

December 15, Friday: Class begins at 9am until noon. Make n take at 2pm

December 16, Saturday: At Sea. We will be finishing up classes and projects. No organized workshop today. Crop as you choose or work on projects not finished. Print photos from the Selphy printers. 2pm: Prizes… Prizes… Prizes… and Grand Prize Selphy Printer drawing! Must be present to win. Vacate crop room by around 5pm.

December 17, Sunday: Disembark in Sydney

Important items to pack

• Passport/Copy of Passport (exp. date at least 6 months after cruise)

• Credit Card/Copy of credit card and customer service phone number in case of lost card. Call your credit card company to let them know you will be out of country.

• Cell phone and charger (optional). Call your carrier to find the best plan.

• Hand sanitizer

• Small flashlight

• Dramamine

• Insect repellent (the repellent wipes are handy)

• Book or entertainment for flight…pillow, headphones.

• Earplugs in case your roommate snores!

• Put any meds in your carry on (also a pair of underwear…in case your luggage gets lost!)

• Comfy shoes for walking and flip flops for pool area.

• Name on luggage (even carryon bags…they make you check those sometimes).

• Sunglasses and sunscreen.

• Warm jacket for the plane and cool evenings.

• Camera/Camera Card/Charger

• Small travel pouch or purse that you can hide out of site on your body for passport and credit cards. Pick pockets watch for easy targets so hide yours on you!

• Cool clothes, warmer clothes, swim suit, casual to dressy dinner clothes.

• Order excursions ahead of time.

• Australian Visa

Don’t forget!

• Meet in the conference room 9am Friday morning December 8, for group photo & classes.

• If you want to purchase at our on ship store you must register your card at this link by November 22, 2017. (Click Here For Details >)

• Add On Orders: Place these orders on the QQ website by November 7th and we will ship them to you with your class box and save you the shipping. Class kits, ad on kits, and ink colors needed will be available for a sneak peek and ready to view soon. Click Here to Order >

• Get your Australian visa and sign up for excursions.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in a few months. If you have cruise related questions, email Gail or Cheri at . For class info or scrapbook questions email Patsy at

Start packing! It will be here before you know it! I am getting really excited for this vacation!
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