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2018 Quick Quotes Scrapbook Co. Spain Tour

$75 Dollar Off Offer Expires After
September 30th

Prices Will Increase After September 30th

Quick Quotes is excited to announce our 14 day journey to Spain! It will be (Thursday) May 10 through (Wednesday) May 23, 2018. More than a year and a half away! They have some fabulous options and discounts below.

A great new feature is the optional automatic payment plan. If you are going from Seattle it would look like this. 19 monthly payments of $224 with our Automatic Payment Plan covers tour and airfare. (Go Ahead Tours) (Other airports/flights may vary in cost due to location.)

For now this is a private tour for 26 to 30 people and we will leave it that way for at least 2 months to see if we can fill up our bus with our own group. The private tour is 260.00 more than a public tour, but if we get 26 people then that is taken back off each travelers bill after 26 are booked.

Also with all the perks they give you below, it should come out even less than the normal public tour price with all the discounts. If we donít fill it with a private tour, we can go back to a public tour and the price will drop back to normal price, which is 260.00 less than the price quoted here. So either way, there are some great discount options and if you get signed up before this September is over it saves a bunch!

This tour is open to ladies and their girlfriends as well as couples. My husband wants to go to Spain and I canít keep leaving him home since he will be retired soon! See below for discounts and prices. Also look at the tour itinerary and optional excursions. I will sign up for all optional excursions! I am afraid of missing something.

The cost of the main tour is $2,909 without flights or optional excursions. If we have 21 travelers, the cost will drop by $140. If we have 26 travelers or more, the cost will drop by $260. Plus all the discounts below!

For your 14 day Grand Tour of Spain, travelers can receive the following discounts:
$75 off of their Tour Cost if booked before end of September 2016
$75 off of one optional excursion if booked by end of Sept 2016 (if the excursion is more than $75, then you pay the difference)

World Traveler Club Discount (varies)
• Bronze (on your 1st Go Ahead Tour! Save $50
• Silver (after 2 tours): $100 off
• Gold (after 5 tours): $125 off
• Platinum (after 10 tours): $150 off

From Go Ahead Tours Below:

The Best way for travelers to reserve:
• Call our dedicated group reservation line: 800-438-7672
*Be sure they mention your specific tour number -- 68345399- so that we can associate them with your group!

• Visit your personalized website link:
*it is VERY important travelers go to your link, and not the main Go Ahead Tours page. This is the only way we will know they belong to your group!

General Information:
• The deposit per person is $300 at the time of reservation
• The final payment date is 03/01/18

Insurance: We have two types of insurance, TravelSafe and TravelSafe Premium (see more information attached). Both can be purchased at any time before the final payment date, however if purchased within 2 weeks of putting down a deposit, you will be eligible for ďAny Reason Protection.Ē

Any Reason Protection: This protection comes into play for non-insurance related cancellation requests (ie. A wedding is now scheduled for the tour date, or a baby is being born). If this were to occur, the traveler will have three months to be able to rebook onto another Go Ahead Tour and transfer their funds.

Deposit Refund: Should any travelers who put down their deposit change their mind about the trip and want a refund, they will have 72 hours from putting down the deposit to ask for a refund. The deposit will be non-refundable after the 72 hours.

Cancelation Policy: Our cancelation policy can be found in our terms and conditions page here.

Brand Experience Video:

For tour questions call Justin Ostergard Direct: (617) 619-1202

Go Ahead Office: (800) 438-7672

We recently got back from a land tour to Ireland with a QQ group of 20 and the reviews were wonderful! Go Ahead Tours outdid themselves and so did the great group we had! I have to say it was one of my most favorite trips of all time! Thanks Go Ahead Tours!

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Hope you have all recovered from Ireland! I am going back someday for sure. I loved every minute! Take care.

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